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Client: Lend Lease EngineeringLocation: Tullamarine, Melbourne, VictoriaHeight Safety System Installed: Static Line Systems About Lend Lease Engineering..

Client: Lend Lease Engineering
Location: Tullamarine, Melbourne, Victoria
Height Safety System Installed: Static Line Systems

About Lend Lease Engineering

Lend Lease delivers some of Australia’s most significant transport and infrastructure projects. Safety, environmental management and community engagement are at the forefront as they create packaged solutions for clients through services such as development, financing, design and construction. Lendlease uses a variety of delivery models to suit the specific needs of clients.

Height Safety Requirement

With the recent widening of the Tullamarine Freeway, Lend Lease Engineering turned to its trusted partner Essential Height Safety to protect maintenance workers using their gantries. Having worked with Lend Lease before, Essential Height Safety were a natural choice design and install a height safety solution to ensure the safety of workers as they access overhead gantries for maintenance.

Recommended Height Safety Solution

Essential Height Safety designed and installed a Static Line System on numerous gantries on the Tullamarine Freeway. Now when workers need to access the gantries for maintenance, they have a fall protection and fall arrest systems in place to help prevent accidents and injuries. As the industries leading Height Safety, Fall Protection and Roof Safety Specialists, Essential Height Safety is a Sayfa Accredited installer Australia Wide. As a Sayfa installer, we can design and install a similar height safety or roof safety system at your workplace to protect your workers at height.

About Essential Height Safety

We are Australia’s Leading Experts in Height Safety and Safe Roof Access Systems. Trusted by Australia’s Largest Builders, all our Height Safety Systems use Australian Engineered and Manufactured materials that are installed by our own employees. Our Height Safety Solutions and Roof Safety Systems offer fall protection for workers at height and ensure legal compliance to all regulations, codes and standards.

Trusted by 1000’s of clients and Australia’s largest Builders, Essential Height Safety have a team of highly trained height safety experts that design and install Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Systems throughout Australia.  With a team of accredited Sayfa Installers Australia wide, we have a close partnership delivering large projects with Australia’s biggest builders and commercial property owners. Essential Height Safety recommends and installs Roof Safety Systems that balance worker safety, practical Height Safety Access and the clients budget.

Whether its a new building under construction or an existing building that is no longer compliant in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin or Hobart, we keep workers safe at height while maintaining legal compliance to all regulations, standards and codes.

You can view our complete range of Height Safety Systems and Height Safety Assessment Services or contact us today

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